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UK Forecast - April 04, 2018
Sunny Thursday
Staying dry for most Friday

A better day overall as a ridge of high pressure builds briefly over Britain. Plenty of sunshine. A few wintry showers in north-west Scotland. Any early brief showers in eastern England will clear. Cloud building across Ireland as fronts move back in from the Atlantic. Winds west to northwest, but dropping light, later turning southerly and strengthening in the west. A cool start, highs 7 to 12C.

Thursday night
High cloud builds across Britain overnight, although many places will stay dry. A freshening south to south-easterly breeze, strongest in the west. Fronts brings persistent rain to Ireland, and patchy rain also spreads into western Scotland, and a little more snow for the mountains. Most places avoiding a frost, but sheltered spots may locally dip to freezing point. Lows 2 to 6C for most.

High pressure to the east promotes a mild southerly airflow across the British Isles. Fronts lying to the west bring rain to Ireland, likely heavy and persistent in the south. Rain or drizzle drifts onto western coasts of Britain, turning wetter through the day. Largely dry in central & eastern regions. Fairly cloudy, some hazy sun, best in the east. Breezy, especially west. Highs 10 to 15C.

Detail is uncertain as weakening fronts are expected to move erratically eastwards. Risk of a period of rain for some, becoming focused on central areas, leaving a legacy of cloud and patchy rain, tending to fade. A little sun may break through elsewhere. Winds becoming generally light, mostly southerlies. Fairly mild, almost warm in any sustained sunshine. Highs 11 to 16C.

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