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UK Forecast - June 19, 2020
Sunny spells Saturday
Rain Saturday night

A dry and bright day for many places, with broken cloud and sunny spells. A scattering of mostly light showers. A southerly breeze with begin to freshen as low pressure the west moves in off the Atlantic. High cloud will build, and rain over Ireland during the daytime will then drift toward western fringes of Britain into the evening. Feeling less humid than recent days. Highs reaching 19 to 22C by afternoon, warmest in eastern areas.

Saturday night
Rain will sweep eastwards into the night, heavy for a time, particularly over western hills. Blustery winds will accompany the rain, gusting gale force over hills and around exposed headlands in the west. Rain will last several hours, fragmenting somewhat as it reaches eastern areas. Clearing from the west up to dawn. Showers will return to the west of Ireland. Fairly mild, lows at 10 to 13C.

A fragmenting belt of rain moves eastwards across Britain and away into the North Sea during the morning. Brighter spells following with sunshine breaking through, and much of central & southern England & Wales then dry through the day. A few showers coming in from the west, most frequent northwest. Bursts of rain setting in for periods across Scotland and Ireland, locally thundery. A fresh southwesterly breeze. Highs 17 to 22C.

High pressure across southeastern Britain brings a dry, sunny and warm day to much of England and Wales. Fronts draped across western Scotland and Ireland will produce cloud and rain, heaviest for the West Highlands. Largely dry toward northeast Scotland. Some cloud and patchy rain may drift onto Irish Sea coasts of Wales and Cumbria. Breezy in the northwest, light winds southeast. Highs 18 to 24C.

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