UK Forecast - May 19, 2024
Sunny spells & warm
Showers in Ireland

A dry and bright start to Monday morning in southwest England and southern Ireland. Cloudy but dry elsewhere, with some sunny spells across Northern Ireland, northern Scotland, and in the southeast. A few showers in eastern regions of Ireland, turning heavier and spreading across Northern Ireland as the day progresses. One or two showers along western coasts of the UK and in northern Scotland. Dry and fair elsewhere, with plenty of sunny spells. The best of the sunshine in the west. Warm and pleasant, with highs of 19C in England and Scotland, and 21C in Ireland.

Monday Night
Overnight, some showers across northern and western Ireland, and in western Wales, some heavy pulses mixed in. Dry elsewhere with clear skies across Scotland and northern England. Clear skies too in the south. Temperature lows at 6C in the south and 7C in the north.

Persistent showery rain in Northern Ireland, turning heavy at times. Spreading to central and southern regions and becoming heavier, with the risk of thunderstorms as the day progresses. Showers along the coasts of Wales and southwest England, reaching further inland in some places. Showery rain in northwestern England, spreading north into Scotland. Cloudy elsewhere, with a few sunny spells in the south and west. Some showers bubbling up across southern England in the late afternoon and evening. Staying mild, with highs of 15C in the south, and 21C in the north.

Rain across Ireland, turning heavy at times. Rain too in northern Scotland, spreading further inland as the day progresses. Heavy and persistent rain in southeast England, spreading across eastern England and affecting central regions as the day progresses. Cloudy elsewhere, with one or two showers in Wales and southwest England. The best of the sunshine in the west. Mild yet again, with temperature highs of 19C in the south, and 14C in the north.