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UK Forecast - November 01, 2018
Sunny Friday
Windy Saturday

High pressure briefly influences Britain, resulting in a fair day for most places. A chilly start, but lots of sunshine throughout the day. Isolated showers in north-west England first thing will fade. High cloud builds from the west ahead of fronts moving in from the Atlantic. Patchy rain spreads across Ireland in the afternoon, reaching the far west of Scotland into the evening. A fresh westerly breeze will ease, later strengthening southerlies in the west. Highs 8 to 12C.

Friday night
Rain advances into Scotland, starting as snow over the mountains. Heaviest rain in the west. Rain and drizzle for Ireland, and spots of rain may come onto western coasts of England & Wales. Staying dry for central, south and eastern regions. Southerly winds will strengthen widely, reaching gale force around coasts in the west and over hills. Temperatures may fall to 3 to 6C or below early in the night, coldest in central-eastern England, but likely rising in the west to 8 to 10C.

A deep area of low pressure lies to the north-west. A windy day, with gales around coasts and hills in the north & west. The Midlands, south & east of England will stay dry, with variable cloud and some sun, best in the east. A slow-moving front affects Scotland and Ireland, with persistent rain, and some prolonged heavy falls over the mountains. Rain encroaches into west Wales, north-west England and also Cornwall & Devon into the afternoon or evening. Mild for all, 11 to 15C.

A front is expected to reside across England and Wales producing a cloudy day with some rain, although this may slowly fade. Some heavier bursts toward the south-west. South-eastern England should escape mainly dry and fairly mild. Cooler toward the north-west, with sunny periods for Scotland and Ireland. Showery in western Scotland. A south to southwesterly breeze, strongest near coasts and toward northern areas. Highs 9 to 13C.

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