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UK Forecast - January 26, 2019
Strong winds on Sunday
Becoming colder

Low pressure centred to the east will introduce a strong and bitter northerly wind which will reach gale or severe gale force around many coasts and hills. Clusters of showers, some heavy bursts - a mix of rain, hail and some snow, mainly over hills, but increasingly falling to lower levels. Chance of isolated thunder. Areas exposed to the northerly wind will see most frequent precipitation. Some sunshine and bright spells moving in from the west through the day. High temperatures at 2 to 8C, but feeling sub-zero for many in the wind.

Sunday night
Winds will ease for most areas though southeastern England could still see gales at the beginning of the night. Areas exposed to the northwesterly wind could see some light wintry showers but these will become increasingly light and scattered as the night progresses. Clear skies for many through Sunday night and into Monday morning will allow temperatures to plummet with sub-zero lows for most areas away from the coast. Temperatures falling as low as -7C in the highlands of Scotland.

A northwesterly wind maintains a chilly pattern with a widespread risk of frost and ice in the morning. Brisk winds near North Sea coasts of England could churn up large waves which may result in coastal flooding and damage to seafronts. There will be areas of wintry showers around coasts in the east and west, mostly rain at low levels near coasts. Some more organised rain moves from the northwest over Scotland and Northern Ireland through the afternoon, with snow over the Highlands. Highs at 3 to 7C, mildest in the far south-west.

A northwesterly airflow is likely to affect the UK and Ireland on Tuesday bringing cold temperatures to northern and western areas. Icy patches are likely in the north and west while a widespread frost will affect most areas in the morning. Showers, with a mix of rain, snow and sleet for western coastal areas and across the West Midlands. Sunny spells further inland and across the southeast. High temperatures at 0 to 5C.

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