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UK Forecast - August 05, 2017
Staying mixed
Rain spreading from west

A fair day for much of England & Wales - sunshine best toward the east & south. Fronts moving into north-western Britain bring a few drizzly showers, then rain turns persistent across western Scotland, extending onto the hills of Wales and north-west England during the afternoon, turning heavier by evening. Rain on and off all day for Ireland. Freshening south-westerly winds. Highs 15 to 18C north & west, 20 to 23C south & east.

Sunday night
Fronts push slowly eastwards, giving persistent rain for much of western Britain, heaviest falls over the hills in Wales & north-west England. Patchy rain spreads to the Midlands. Staying dry toward the south & south-east, although cloud will thicken. Rain tends to clear from Scotland & Ireland, but areas of showers are likely around windward coasts. A south-westerly breeze. Temperatures 12 to 15C south, cooler at 8 to 10C north.

A slow-moving will lie from south-west to north-east across England & Wales, bringing outbreaks of rain or drizzle, but some heavy pulses of rain, tending to drift eastwards through the day. However, south-east England should escape dry most or all day, with some hazy sun and feeling humid. Northern England & Wales should improve. Showery across Scotland & Ireland. Winds fairly light. Highs 16 to 21C, warmest in the east.

Shallow low pressure centred toward the east of Britain brings an unsettled day. Remnants of fronts give some persistent rain in the south-east in the morning, then showers breaking out widely, with locally frequent rain, and some heavy and thundery downpours possible by afternoon. Occasional sunshine. Gusty winds at times, generally strongest in the west and north. Feeling cool where rain lingers. Highs 16 to 21C.

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