UK Forecast - October 01, 2023
Spells of rain
Risk of thunder on Monday

Light drizzle and cloudy skies over the south of England, with the potential for more persistent rain developing with some thunderstorms, especially for those near the southern coast. More settled conditions further north with hazy sun. Cloudier in western Scotland and frequent showers will sweep through as the day progresses. Drizzle and frequent showers over Ireland, more predominant to the north. Humid and muggy conditions especially in south. Highs 14 to 17C north & west, 22C southeast.

Monday night
Rain will be fairly widespread over England and Wales into the evening and night, some heavy falls for central counties. Heavier rain moves across south-east England up to dawn and then clears away eastwards. Showery conditions follow into western regions, some more persistent rain in western Scotland and Ireland. Drier conditions for northeastern England and eastern Scotland. Mild and humid for southern regions, 10 to 14C or above. Cooler in the north, lows 6 to 9C.

Cloudy skies and slightly cooler temperatures for all from fresher westerly winds. Often dry for central and southeastern England, but scattered showers passing eastwards for a time in the morning. More frequent drizzle and very light showers further north over Wales and northwest England, as well western Scotland. East and northeastern regions drier and brighter. Overcast skies and muggy conditions over Ireland. Highs 15 to 19C, warmest in the southeast.

Low pressure to the north of Scotland, a ridge of higher pressure to the south. A zone of heavy rain is likely to affect southwest Scotland, Northern Ireland and northwest England, advancing southeastwards during the day. Frequent showery rain for northwest Scotland. Drizzly rain for north and west Wales, could turn more persistent. Largely dry and bright for south and eastern England & Wales. Also mostly dry in eastern Scotland. Fresh westerly winds for all. Highs 14 to 18C.

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