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UK Forecast - June 18, 2020
Some rain but largely dry.
Rain for Sunday.

Any mist across most eastern coasts should lift through the morning, however, the central and northeastern coast of Scotland could see low cloud and mist linger through much of the day. During the day the UK sits under an area of low pressure and a band of rain, heavy bursts expected across Ireland, Northern Ireland as well as Wales and western parts of England, will push northeastwards through the day. The rain will be lighter and patchier further east. The far southeast and East Anglia, however, do look to remain largely dry with the best of any sunshine developing here. Scotland is to stay largely dry with sunny spells developing, once the low cloud lifts further east, although southern and in particular southwest Scotland will see rain affect these areas in the afternoon. Later on in the day ridging high pressure will allow for a mostly dry end for much of Britain. It will be a muggy day for many northern parts of the UK with highs at 19 or even 20C in Scotland. Under the heavier rain in the west it will be cooler at 16C. Highs of 21C in the south.

Friday Night
Showery outbreaks of rain are expected to continue through much of the night across central, southern and western parts of Scotland with the north and northeast staying largely dry but low cloud and mist forming here. Low cloud and mist will soon lift across central and northeastern coasts although the far northern parts will still see low cloud and mist by first thing in the morning. It will be largely dry overnight elsewhere under that ridge of high pressure building up from the south. Temperatures falling to around 11C to 14C. Cooler in the west and over Ireland at 10C. 15C in the southeast and the far north of Scotland.

A largely dry and fine day is expected for most with warm spells of sunshine, however, a deep low pressure system and associated front edges eastwards and pushes a band of rain, heavy in places, across Ireland and Northern Ireland. The rain is forecast to reach western parts of Britain by the evening. With the advancement of the rain cloud will gradually build from the west through the day with the best of the sunshine lasting in eastern parts of the UK. Highs at 24C in the east and southeast but cooler in the west at 18C.

Low pressure west of Scotland with its associated front will sweep a band of rain across the UK through today. The rain is expected to clear east of mainland Scotland through the morning with blustery showers developing behind, these mainly concentrated further west, however, the Northern Isles won't see the rain clear until the afternoon. Ireland and Northern Ireland will see showers, these at times heavy and blustery in these fresh to strong strength winds. Most of the showers affecting northern and western parts of Ireland with the southeast region looking largely dry through the day. Further south across England and Wales the band of rain will be light and patchy and should clear to the east through the morning, although southeastern parts will see patchy light rain lingering into the afternoon before clearing. Later on in the day and into the evening a ridge of high pressure to the south of the UK will kill off any developing showers across much of Britain as well as Ireland. Showery outbreaks of rain are still expected however across western Scotland and parts of northwest England but these should eventually largely fizzle out or become more isolated overnight. Feeling fresher for most at 18C, warmer in the southeast at 24C.

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