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UK Forecast - August 05, 2019
Showery through midweek
Some sunshine

Low pressure to the northwest drives a showery pattern across Britain and Ireland. Bursts of rain will affect western regions from early in the day, which will advance east and northeastwards through the day, giving thundery downpours locally. Thundery bursts will become slow moving in Highland Scotland. Fewest showers toward the southeast of England, where locally it may stay dry all day. A fresh to moderate breeze, strongest near southern coasts. Highs 17 to 23C.

Tuesday night
A few areas of showers will continue, although most will fade into the evening and first part of the night. Showers becoming confined to windward western coasts, but may give persistent rain for west Wales and northwest England. Also northern Scotland where the wrap around of a front may produce longer spells of rain too. Variable cloud and local clear breaks, best in the east. Staying breezy in the south, lighter winds north. Lows 10 to 14C.

A breezy day with sunshine and showers for England & Wales - these locally frequent for a few hours, but quite hit and miss, becoming focused on eastern counties into the afternoon, whilst western areas tend to become drier. Areas of heavy rain affect Scotland, persistent over the Highlands in particular, but a zone of rain may also affect the Borders. Showery across Ireland. Top temperatures 24C in southeast England, to 22C in the Midlands, 17 to 19C north & west.

The British Isles briefly lies between weather systems, and many places should escape with lengthy dry periods, and some places dry all day. There's still a risk of showers breaking out across northern regions, which may cluster together locally for a time in the afternoon. Fronts approaching from Biscay bring a risk of rain arriving for southwestern parts, turning heavy and becoming more extensive into the night. Light winds, freshening later. Highs 19 to 25C, warmest southeast.