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UK Forecast - June 10, 2019
Risk of flooding
Rain England & Wales

Staying wet through England and Wales on Monday morning with the risk of flooding. Drier in southeast England, although here there could be some showers. Drier for Scotland and the whole of Ireland, just a few showers here and there. The rain edges slowly north into remaining parts of northern England this afternoon, heavy and thundery showers forming over southern England. Scattered showers in eastern and southern Scotland but drier to the west with sunny spells. Showers too in the east of Ireland and Northern Ireland, but drier in the west. Highs at 21C in southeast England. just 10 to 13C where it is raining, 17C in western Scotland and Ireland.

Tuesday Night
The main rain area is expected to be over northern England, north Wales and the northern Midlands overnight. There is a further risk of lodding here. Showers turning more scattered to the south. Drier for Scotland - after evening showers fade - and much of Ireland although some cloud drifting into southeast Ireland later. Lows at 5C in central Scotland, 7 t0 10C elsewhere.

The rain may drift a little further southwards on Wednesday, mostly afecting southern parts of northern England, the Midlands and Wales, again bringing the risk of flooding. Heavy showers with some sunny spells forming in the far south of England. Drier for Scotland and most of Ireland, although some showers in northeast Scotland. Best of the sunshine for western Scotland and western Ireland. Increasingly windy in the north and west. Highs at 19C in western Scotland, widely 12 to 15C.

Low pressure is expected to be centred over England on Thursday. More rain is expected over much of eastern and southern Scotland, northern England, the Midlands, northern and western England as well as Wales. Heavy showers in eastern areas. Note that confidence in the detail of where the rain will be is low. Drier in western Scotland and Ireland with some sunny spells here. Breezy to the west. Highs at 10 in northern Scotland and the wet areas of England and Wales, 15C where the sun comes out.

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