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UK Forecast - July 05, 2018
Remaining Very Warm and Very Dry.

Friday is set to be another fine day for most of the UK and Ireland. There will be good spells of warm sunshine, despite perhaps a little more cloud present than previous few days, particularly across more northern and western areas. Winds remaining light across many regions though. Warm or very warm. Highs 18C to 26C, highest in the south.

Friday Night
Dry weather is maintained during Friday evening and overnight into Saturday with a warm night for many, especially in towns and cities, somewhat cooler across the countryside and near to coastal areas. Lows 9C to 15C.


Very warm and very dry conditions will prevail into the start of the weekend as high pressure persists across much of the UK. Weak weather fronts across the far north and north-west of Scotland may bring thicker cloud here, perhaps with some damp weather, but this the exception to the rule. Many areas having plenty of sunshine, light winds and it will be very warm. Highs, 19C to 27C.

Dry weather will continue across many areas as high pressure remains the dominant feature. All areas experiencing bright or sunny spells, these still prolonged at times too despite some variable cloud. A weak weather front nearing northern Scotland may bring some thicker cloud here, perhaps even with a little damp weather, but this the exception to the rule. All areas experiencing mainly light and variable winds and very warm too, especially inland, if not locally hot. Highs 21C to 29C.

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