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UK Forecast - January 03, 2018
Remaining unsettled
Mild, colder later

Chilly start across Scotland with some frost and icy patches, but otherwise a continuation of the unsettled weather is expected with rain and showers moving north and east across England and Wales and then stalling across S Scotland, some wintry precipitation is possible on the Pennines and S Uplands. Some drier and brighter weather then filtering into England and Wales, from the west, through the afternoon. Mild in the south, colder in the north. Highs 3C to 10C.

Thursday Night
A mixture of clear spells and showery conditions are expected on Thursday night but with a more persistent region of wet weather likely across parts of Soctland and also perhaps across Wales, Midlands and S England, while N England could well be mainly dry with clear spells and locally chilly here. Some further wintry weather possible across N hills. Lows 1C to 6C.

Low pressure continues to dominate to end the week across many areas maintaining a rather messy weather picture across the British Isles with some showery weather at times, along with some drier and brighter weather at times too. Increasing risk across Scotland of some wintry weather as colder weather arrives here from the north-east through the day, still relatively mild though in the south. Highs 3C to 9C.

Turning colder for all from the north-east with residual overnight rain, sleet and some hill snow across S England slowly clearing away through the day and with then snow flurries developing across more northern and eastern regions. Otherwise, a lot of dry weather for many with plenty of winter sunshine, especially in the west but cold or very cold for all especially in a moderate or fresh E or NE'ly wind. Highs 1C to 5C.

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