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UK Forecast - April 10, 2018
Remaining Changeable
Cool At First, Milder Later

Into Wednesday and a day of sunshine and showers is predicted the showers, at the moment, most likely across some northern and eastern areas of the British Isles, perhaps drier further south and west where some bright or sunny spells are possible. Winds still in from the E or SE so cool near to the North Sea, relatively mild elsewhere. Highs 6C to 12C.

Wednesday Night
Into wednesday night and further showery conditions remain possible across some northern and eastern areas, otherwise a lot of dry weather into Wednesday night with some clear spells and variable amounts of cloud. Still rather chilly near to the east coast as an E or SE'ly wind continues, otherwise a mild night for many. Lows 3C to 8C.

Still rather showery into Thursday, especially across some northern and eastern areas still while some longer spells of rain may arrive into far southern areas of England later in the day. Driest and brightest conditions across more western areas of the British Isles. Winds will moderate or fresh from the E and still rather chilly near to the North Sea, otherwise temperatures not far from average. Highs 7C to 13C, just 5C to C in eastern areas.

At the moment Friday may well become more widely unsettled as low pressure drifts northwards across the British Isles. It may be drier and brighter, at times, across Scotland and Ireland despite some showers here, while England and Wales may see a greater risk of rain or showers thorugh the day. Less-cool than previous days and inland areas becoming rather warm through the afternoon with winds fairly light and S or SE'ly for most. Highs 9C to 15C, but still only 6C or 7C across E Scotland given a SE'ly breeze off the North Sea.

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