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UK Forecast - April 17, 2021
Rain west
Dry & fine east

Staying cloudy with mainly patchy outbreaks of rain across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland on Sunday, turning possibly more persistent and heavy across some places. Some light rain could push into far northwestern areas of England and Wales also but generally it should be largely dry elsewhere. Cloud will thicken towards more northern and western areas but far eastern and southeastern regions of England will see lasting sunny spells. A fresh southerly wind in the north and west but lighter breezes for central and southern England. Highs at 7 to 10C for much of Scotland and Ireland and 11 to 14C across much of England and Wales.

Sunday night
Fronts to the west of the British Isles bring continued outbreaks of rain over the western half of Ireland and into the far west of Scotland overnight from Sunday into Monday. It will be a mostly cloudy night for northwestern areas while southeastern areas will hold onto clearer skies. This is where we'll see temperatures drop below freezing and a patchy frost form while western areas stay milder under the cloud. Overnight lows of 8 or 9C in western Ireland to -1 or 0C in central and eastern England.

The next area of low pressure moves in from the west and will bring cloudier skies and outbreaks of rain once again to Ireland, Northern Ireland and western Scotland. Largely cloudy skies with possible patchy light rain and drizzle for parts of Wales and western regions of England too, but longer sunny spells are expected further east where it will be feeling pleasantly warm in light winds. Highs range from 7C in northwest Ireland to 16C in eastern England. Most will see high temperatures of 11 to 14C.

Tuesday sees a weakening front pushing southeastward over Scotland and Ireland and into northern parts of England and Wales. For many this will manifest as cloud but there will be some patchy rain associated with this feature too. Becoming cooler and brighter across Scotland and Ireland as the front passes. Staying milder ahead of the front with some good spells of sunshine for southeast England. Highs range from 9 to 14C.

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