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UK Forecast - January 08, 2021
Rain, sleet north & west
Mostly dry south

A widespread frost expected to start Saturday so another cold day for most. With high pressure over southern parts of the UK and Ireland expect a mostly dry day. Bright across much of Wales and England although watch out for some freezing fog patches across some central areas first thing. Thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain and sleet affect parts of Scotland and into northwestern parts of Ireland too. This turns to snow over the Scottish mountains. High temperatures at 1 to 5C for most, 6 to 8C in the Northern Isles.

Saturday Night
A dry night for most from Saturday into Sunday with the clearest skies over southern England. Cloud thickens further north and western and northern Scotland will see patchy outbreaks of rain through the night. This turns to snow over higher ground and over Shetland. Overnight lows widely range from -2 to 3C, perhaps milder over western parts of Scotland and Ireland. Coldest temperatures over southwestern areas with a widespread frost and ice patches forming over England, Wales and Ireland.

The ridge of high pressure persists for many on Sunday, bringing dry and bright weather to much of England, Wales and Ireland. A front drifts over Scotland bringing outbreaks of rain at times over northern parts of the country and to the Northern Isles. This locally heavy to the northwest and for Orkney while it may turn to sleet and snow for Shetland. Staying cold with high temperatures ranging from 3 to 7C.

A mostly cloudy day for the UK and Ireland with outbreaks of rain for Scotland and the northwest half of the island of Ireland through the morning. This turns to snow over higher ground. Through the afternoon rain spreads into Wales and northern England. This reaches the Midlands during the evening. Best of the sun over southeast England. High temperatures at 3 to 9C.


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