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UK Forecast - November 30, 2018
Rain on and off
Mild south, cool north

Low pressure moves swiftly across central England and Wales, bringing a period of rain, tending to break up from the west into clusters of showers, these most frequent for north-west England in the afternoon. Patchy rain slow to fully clear from East Anglia. A little sun may come through in the west later. A few showers for western Scotland. Largely dry for north-east Scotland. Isolated showers for Ireland, fading. A risk of gales around the Dover Strait at first. Highs 7 to 13C.

Saturday night
Rain moves back into south-western areas on Saturday evening, becoming extensive for central-southern England and Wales through the night, although patchy toward eastern counties. Winds strengthening around south-western coasts. Some rain also moving into Northern Ireland and perhaps south-west Scotland before dawn. North-east England and much of east and northern Scotland will see clear spells and a risk of frost. Lows 6 to 9C south, 0 to 3C north.

Areas of rain will move across the country. Some persistent falls over a few hours, tending to break up into clusters of showers from the west. Snow over the southern Scottish Highlands. An improving picture across England and Wales with sunny spells coming through. Staying unsettled through the day for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Blustery winds around the English Channel. Temperatures ranging from 12 to 14C in the south of England, to just 5 to 8C in Scotland.

A complex pattern with low pressure passing east, and pressure then tending to build from the west. Breezy with a few areas of showers, focused toward the west and north. Locally persistent rain for a time. Driest in central-eastern England with some sunshine. Snow over Scottish mountains. Mild for many places, highs of 12 to 14C south and east, but nearer 6 to 9C for the north of Britain and Ireland.

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