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UK Forecast - December 05, 2017
Rain in west
Mild & breezy

A dry start to the day in most of England and Wales as well as eastern Scotland. Rain and increasing winds in the west bringing some heavy bursts in places this morning. This rain then edges eastwards through the afternoon with rain reaching central Scotland, western England and western Wales by the evening. Drier in the east and south through the day but turning windier with plenty of cloud, although always a few brighter spells. Highs at 8 to 11C.

Wednesday Night
A windy night ahead with bands of rain spreading into northern and western areas. Drier at first in the east and south but some outbreaks of rain reaching these areas later. Turning colder across Scotland and Ireland later in the night with heavy showers following to the north and west of Scotland with these turning wintry on the hills. Gales in the north and west. Lows at 0 to 7C.

Morning rain sweeps quickly eastwards on Thursday morning, clearing from southern and southeast England early on. Squally winds associated with the front as it passes. Brighter weather follows through through Midlands, Wales and northern England, feeling increasingly chilly and windy. Some showers reaching north Wales and northwest England later with snow on hills. Scotland and Northern Ireland will be windy and increasingly cold with snow showers, some of them heavy. Blizzards could occur over Scottish hills. Brighter in eastern and southern Ireland, but cold here. Highs at 2C in northern Scotland, 8C in southern England.

Strong northerly winds bring a renewed wintry feel to things by Friday. Areas of heavy snow and hail showers draped around coasts in the west, east and north, at times giving frequent falls. In northern Scotland, heavy snow may last for many hours, resulting in blizzard conditions. Central inland parts of Britain should escape mainly dry with sunshine after early squally rain clears to the southeast. Cold at just 1 to 5C for most, but 8C in the southeast.

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