UK Forecast - May 17, 2024
Rain in the south at first
Sunny on Sunday

A band of rain, mostly light in nature tracks south and westwards across southern England, persisting across southwest England during the afternoon as elsewhere a few showers break out during the afternoon across Scotland, Wales and the Midlands. For all other regions the odd shower cannot be ruled out but it should be mostly dry and fine otherwise, aside from northeastern England where low cloud may linger for much of the day. Here highs of just 13 to 15C are possible, but otherwise 16 to 20C expected.

Saturday Night
Showers fade away for most areas as some patchy cloud drifts inland from the North Sea to affect central parts of England and Scotland, some clear spells likely across Wales. Lows of 9 to 13C north to south.


Away from the coast of the North Sea a mostly dry and fine day is expected, with lengthy sunny spells and feeling a little warmer than Saturday. A few showers may break out across western parts during the afternoon, especially in north Wales and northwest England but should be mostly scattered. Highs of 15 in the northeast to 21C in the south.

A mostly dry and sunny start to the week for most areas, with a little coastal mist and fog expected in places before it clears to give lengthy spells of sunshine. During the afternoon and evening a few showers may break out across southwest England, the Midlands and South Wales, but away from this expect plenty of sunshine and feeling pleasantly warm. Highs of 17C to 20C for many.