UK Forecast - October 19, 2023
Rain highest in east
Better by Sunday

Storm Babet continues to drive yet more rain to many areas on Friday as another area of low pressure moves in over southern and southeast England. Heavy and persistent spells of rain are to be expected in the east and central areas of the UK again today. Drier further west, though Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland will see some outbreaks of rain. Largely dry with the best of any sunny spells across north and west Scotland, though expect gale force winds and gusts here. Even with all this weather it is relatively mild further south and west with highs in the mid and upper teens here, a colder 7 to 11C further north and east.

Friday Night
Overnight, rain continues to affect eastern regions of England, particularly northeast, as well as east and central Scotland where winds continue to blow through strong and gale force. Outbreaks of rain through Wales. Mainly dry further south, across Northern Ireland and western Scotland. Lows dropping back in the north and west to 3 to 7C, milder further south and east at 8 to 12C.

The persistent strong easterly wind keeps a steady flow of rain pushing on to many eastern regions of Scotland and northeast England on Saturday, as low pressure tracks northwards up the country. More rain on already saturated ground will continue to make conditions tricky. A drier day elsewhere across England and Wales. Ireland and Northern Ireland also largely dry with some sunny spells developing. Highs at 10 to 14C.

A much improved day for most on Sunday, though still expect showery rain to affect northern Scotland as low pressure sits close by here. Some patchy light rain and drizzle in places further south and west too but many shoudl see bright and or sunny skies with dry conditions. Highs at 10 to 15C.


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