UK Forecast - October 28, 2023
Rain for east Scotland
Sun & showers elsewhere

A cloudy and wet day through southern and eastern Scotland and northern England where rain will fall heavy and persistent at times. Localised flooding across some areas here could become an issue. The day should improve across Northern Ireland as rain clears here. Showers affecting many southern and western coastal counties of England and Wales, otherwise largely dry with sunny spells. Highs at 9 to 14C.

Sunday Night
Spells of rain continue to affect east Scotland overnight, while heavy and frequent showers continue to move on to southern and western coasts of England and Wales. Otherwise dry with clear spells. Lows at 6 to 10C.


Eastern Scotland continues to see an easterly wind pull and spells of rain across many regions here. The far north will be dry, bright and chilly. Heavy and frequent showers still affect southern and western coastal counties of England and Wales with some moving further inland through the day. Elsewhere, dry with sunny spells. Highs of 9 to 14C.

Low pressure over England gradually pulls east on Tuesday allowing for an improving day across central and eastern regions of England. Spells of rain affect northeast and north Scotland. Meanwhile, an Atlantic low will progressively bring spells of rain and strengthening winds to Ireland, southwest England and Wales. Highs of 9 to 14C.

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