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UK Forecast - September 29, 2021
Rain and wind
Brief dry spells

Low pressure northwest of Scotland on Thursday. Associated fronts and rain will sweep eastwards, heavy in the west for a time before clearing to sunny spells and showers. Rain rater patchy further east and some southeastern regions of England may stay dry throughout the day. Windy for all with gales towards coastal areas. More rain is expected to push in to Northern Ireland and western regions of Ireland later. Highs at 12 to 16C.

Thursday Night
A cloudy and wet night with outbreaks of rain, heavy and persistent through western areas and across Scotland. Clearing Ireland and Northern Ireland through the early hours with clear spells developing but also some blustery showers. Winds stay strong for all. A milder night for many but chilly in the north and west. Lows at 6 to 10C across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England. 11 to 14C across England and parts of Wales.

A wet start on Friday for many but rain soon clears east, although likely to hang on to the southeast corner of England throughout the morning. Bright, sunny and largely dry weather to follow for many but do expect some showers in the west. Staying wet across northern and western Scotland with persistent spells of rain with some showers reaching eastern areas. A brisk wind for all, gale force in the north. Winds easing across England and Wales later. Highs at 11 to 17C.

After a dry start for much of England and Scotland on Saturday, rain affecting Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales as well as western regions of the UK will move in, perhaps though not reaching the far east until later on in the day. Rain clearing Ireland and Northern Ireland as the day progresses with sunny spells and showers developing here, but will turn heavy across western regions of England and Wales. Windy for all. Highs at 16C in the south but nearer 10 to 12C in the rain in the north and west.

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