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UK Forecast - April 22, 2019
Rain & showers
Temperatures cooling

A trough over Ireland, Wales and southwest England brings showers, some of them heavy and thundery. Breezy in northern and eastern parts of the UK with sunny spells and broken cloud. Feeling cool on eastern coasts in the brisk wind. It may become rather murky along southern and western coasts of England and Ireland. Highs at 11 to 13C on eastern coasts, 17 to 22C for most.

Tuesday Night
A band of heavier rain will move into southwestern parts of the UK and Ireland through the night while showers will develop over Northern Ireland and Scotland. The heaviest rain will likely be around the Bristol Channel area and over Wales. Breezy in the northeast and for eastern coasts. Overnight lows around 7 to 11C.

Low pressure over southwest Ireland on Wednesday with fronts pushing northwards. These fronts bring rain, some of it heavy and thundery. Showers and brighter weather following into Ireland, Wales and southern England. Lower cloud over eastern coasts, but brighter in the west. Temperatures at 11C on eastern coasts, 12 to 16C elsewhere.

A large area of low pressure remains west of Ireland on Thursday. Further fronts push northwards over Ireland and the UK taking rain with them. Showers following the fronts, some of which may be heavy and thundery in nature. High temperatures at 10 to 15C.


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