UK Forecast - October 24, 2023
Rain & showers
Average temperatures

Low pressure dominates the weather again through Wednesday. Rain clearing from the west across southern England through the morning, while showery rain pushes in on to eastern and some central counties of Scotland and northeast England. Drier elsewhere with some sunny spells. The afternoon sees cloud build and outbreaks of rain push in from the southwest across Ireland and into Northern Ireland by the end of the day. Also, southwest England as well as south and west Wales will eventually see outbreaks of rain. Highs at 9C in northern Scotland, 13C in southern England.

Wednesday Night
Overnight, the band of rain in the southwest pushes northeastwards across the country, some heavy spells of rain in places before clearing. Drier towards the north and east though, spells of rain will affect northern Scotland. Lows at 5 to 10C for most.


Low pressure is again in control of conditions through Thursday. Showers for many, some of them heavy and frequent, especially in the west. Fewer inland and towards the east where there are likely to be some developing sunny spells. Outbreaks of rain in Scotland with some of it heavy in the east which could add to flooding problems here. Highs at 10C in northern Scotland, 15C in southern England.

Low pressure over Ireland again on Friday. This gives a day of further showers, heavy and frequent in the west and south but making their way inland too. Further heavy rain in central and eastern Scotland. Brighter for more central areas of the UK and east England. Tops at 10 to 14C.

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