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UK Forecast - June 02, 2022
Plenty of sun
Though rain for some

Platinum Jubilee Friday
A dry day for most with warm sunshine about, though there will be more cloud with outbreaks of rain acrsss southwest Scotland, the Scottish Borders, northwest England, Wales and parts of the West Midlands. Eastern counties of Ireland too are likely to see some showery rain. The rain is expected to be persistent for some but should gradually ease off in the north through the afternoon as pressure builds here. Highs at 15 to 23C.

Friday Night
Overnight, the showery rain eases off across northern England seeing dry conditions and clear spells here and across Scotland, Northern Ireland and many parts of central and east England. Meanwhile, outbreaks of rain continue to affect parts of Wales, south and east Ireland as well as southwestern counties of England. Later in the night heavier showers push north across the Channel and affect central southern coastal counties of England. Lows at 4 to 9C.

High pressure across the northern half of the country will bring a largely dry and fine day with plenty of sunshine about across Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern parts of Ireland as well as northern England. More cloud about further south where there is a continued risk for some thundery, heavy showers to reach far southern English, Welsh and a few southern Irish counties through the day. A cooler breeze will affect eastern English counties but pleasantly warm elsewhere with highs at 16 to 20C.

High pressure slides further north on Sunday. Staying mostly dry with sunny spells across Scotland into northern England, much of Northern Ireland too. The low pressure further south continues to bring more cloud with outbreaks of rain affecting southern and eastern counties of England, also pushing across Wales. Rain will be heavy and persistent in places, perhaps thundery too. The cloud and rain here will keep temperatures back through many parts of England to around 13 to 15C though elsewhere in the sunshine highs will reach 17 to 21C.

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