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UK Forecast - September 02, 2020
Patchy rain south
Showers to the west

A weak front brings cloud and outbreaks of rain across central and southern parts of England and Wales today, this slowly clearing to the south. Brighter and cooler to the north with sunny spells, the best of these in eastern Scotland and eastern England as well as eastern Ireland. Showers will be blown into the west of Scotland and Ireland, one or two of them being heavy with a risk of hail and thunder. Gales may affect western Scotland too. Temperatures reaching 22C in the southeast, 16 to 20C elsewhere.

Thursday Night
A front affects the far south of England through tonight bringing cloud and some outbreaks of rain, most of it light and drizzly. Showers will be affecting northern and western Scotland and it will be windy too with a risk of gales. Drier in eastern Scotland and across eastern and southern Ireland. Lows at 6 to 10C.

Fronts bringing cloud and outbreaks of patchy rain to southern parts of the UK on Friday. Heavy showers and rain in Scotland as well as central and northern Ireland. The showers could merge into longer spells of rain at times, and it will be windy too. Some brighter skies across Wales, the Midlands and northern England. Brighter too in southern Ireland where the showers will be more isolated. Highs at 14C in northern Scotland, 19C in southeast England.

Low pressure north of Scotland on Saturday with a weak ridge of high pressure to the south. Cloud and showery rain in Scotland and Ireland, especially the north and west. Some showers in northwest England as well as the north and west of Wales. Drier for eastern and southern parts with sunny spells here. A breezy day in the north. Highs at 13 to 18C.


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