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UK Forecast - November 03, 2018
Patchy rain
Mild but murky

A slow-moving front resides across England and Wales producing a cloudy day with light rain or drizzle on and off. Quite murky with fog over the hills. Some heavier bursts redeveloping across the south-west. South-east England should escape mainly dry, with a little sun. Scotland and Northern Ireland will be largely dry and bright with sunny periods. Showers in north-west Scotland. A south to southwesterly breeze, strongest near coasts. Highs 10 to 14C, warmest south-east.

Sunday night
Rain or drizzle for the west & south-west of England and Wales will pivot north-westwards into Ireland. Turning very wet for south-eastern Ireland. Rain also pushes into Northern Ireland and southern Scotland. Dry for most of central, southern and eastern England, but extensive cloud and murk, with fog over the hills. Generally mild, lows 7 to 10C. Some clear spells in northern Scotland may allow temperatures to dip below 3C in Highland glens.

Low pressure will be toward the south-west and fronts will pivot across west and northern regions. Rain for south-west England, south Wales and Ireland, locally heavy and persistent but may become patchy in nature. Many places across central & eastern England are likely to stay dry. Some rain or drizzle moves north across Scotland. Fairly cloudy overall, and dull for some, with fog in the morning. A light southeasterly breeze. Fairly mild, highs 9 to 14C, warmest south-east.

Low pressure will be to the west over the Atlantic, whilst high pressure resides over eastern Europe. A strengthening south to southeasterly breeze, reaching gale force around south-western coasts. Pulses of rain spreading northeastwards across Britain, although much of central-eastern England will stay dry. Heavy rain is likely to move into the south-west of England & Wales, also southern Ireland. Generally mild and avoiding frost overnight, highs 10 to 14C.

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