UK Forecast - October 29, 2023
Patchy rain
Drier for Scotland

Showery bursts of rain around coasts in the south and west of England and Wales throughout the day. Areas of rain and drizzle for northern England, but amounts generally small. Local showers, but often dry for central and southern England. Scattered showers for eastern Scotland, but a bright day for much of central and western Scotland. Pulses of showery rain for Ireland, mostly near coasts. Winds fairly light for many, breezier coasts. Highs 9 to 14C.

Monday night
A possibility of more widespread rain affecting southeastern England into the evening and night, although a chance the worst of this stays away over the sea or toward the Low Countries. Showery bursts near the Irish Sea and Cornwall. A band of rain likely to affect northern England. Mostly dry for central England, also much of Scotland. Local showers in northeast Scotland. Mist patches forming in low-lying areas. Slight frost for Highland Scotland. Lows 2 to 6C for most places.

A slack pressure pattern leaves a relatively quiet weather across the country. Some fog patches in the morning. A few showers passing west to east over England, locally may give frequent rain for an hour or so. Drier for Scotland, bright and sunny spells best in the west. Meanwhile, an Atlantic low will progressively bring spells of rain and strengthening winds to Ireland, southwest England and Wales by afternoon, then more widely by into evening and night. Highs 9 to 14C.

Heavy rain sweeps northeastwards before dawn, giving a wet start for many places. Rain breaks up for central England for a time, but further clusters of rain move back in from the southwest across Wales and southern England, some heavy showery bursts with possible hail and thunder. Areas of rain become more widespread again into central and northern England. Rain and mountain snow for Scotland. Scattered showers for Ireland. Windy around coasts. Highs 8 to 13C.

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