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UK Forecast - July 21, 2019
Outbreaks of rain north & west
Drier & bright south & east

High pressure to the southeast of the UK on Monday with low pressure west of Ireland. Very warm with good spells of sunshine across southeastern and southern parts of England. Cloud thickening to the north and west giving hazy sunshine for much of central England then cloudier conditions for much of Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Some heavy rain is expected for western parts of Scotland, while northern Scotland and northwestern Ireland could see outbreaks of light, drizzly rain at times. A breezy day for western areas. Highs widely at 19 to 27C, just 15 to 17C for northwestern Scotland.

Monday Night
Rain continuing for northwestern Scotland overnight but a dry night elsewhere across the British Isles. Cloudier skies for Ireland and western parts of the UK, clearer skies for eastern parts of Scotland and much of England. Staying breezy in the far west. Overnight lows at a very mild and muggy 14 to 19C.

Low pressure is to the west of Ireland on Tuesday with high pressure to the east. Much of the UK and Ireland should see a bright, warm and dry day. Far western and northern parts of Scotland and Ireland may occasionally see some light rain as fronts graze these areas. Cloudier here too. Through the late afternoon and into the evening, heavy, thundery showers may develop over southwestern parts of the UK. Highs at 30C, or possible higher, in southeast England, more widely 21 to 28C.

Heavy, thundery showers affecting parts of the UK overnight should clear to the north and east through the morning. Lower pressure stays to the west on Wednesday with higher pressure to the east. A generally bright day across the British Isles: cloudier to the west while the best of the sun will be to the east. Showers and outbreaks of rain will develop over Ireland through the day reaching western parts of Scotland, England and Wales by the evening. Highs widely at 20 to 27C, 29 to 32C in the far southeast.

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