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UK Forecast - April 09, 2018
Often Unsettled
Rather Cool

Into Tuesday and it will be a wet and windy start to the day across much of England, Wales and Ireland, perhaps S Scotland too. As Tuesday progresses and any persistent rain should ease away but there will then be a persistent risk of further showery conditions across most areas, but particularly across England and Wales. A windy day for most and rather cool, especially across eastern areas. Highs 6C to 12C.

Tuesday Night
Into Tuesday night and further showery conditions interspersed with drier intervals are expected across England, Wales and Ireland but with Scotland mainly dry with some clear spells. Remaining windy for many areas. Lows 3C to 8C.


Low pressure situated over parts of France will continue to influnece the weather across more central and southern areas of England and perhaps Wales, maintaining a risk of some showery weather here. High pressure is forecast to build to the north or north-east of the British Isles and this could well mean more northern areas experience a drier day with some sunny spells. Winds moderate or fresh E'ly, so perhaps markedly cooler for those regions near to the N Sea, mildest in the west. Highs 8C to 13C, but perhaps just 5C to 8C for eastern counties of England and Scotland.

High pressure is set to dominate to the north or north-east of the British Isles as low pressure persists just to the south so something of a north and south split in the weather is set to continue with more northern areas generally drier and brighter, but with England and Wales still maintaining a risk of some showers and perhaps with then longer spells of rain moving up into southern areas of England later in the day. Moderate or perhaps fresh E'ly winds are likely to continue so temperatures average at best and always cooler near to the N Sea. Highs 7C to 13C, just 4C to 6C in eastern areas.

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