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UK Forecast - June 18, 2022
Warming back up

An area of low pressure over the Biscay on Sunday will continue to threaten showers across far southern and southeastern counties of England, some heavy and possibly thundery, but more in the way of drier weather across England and Wales. A north-westerly wind flow is more strengthened across Scotland and Northern Ireland where some showers are about, these merging into longer spells of rain for parts of north and northeast Scotland in the morning. Though many places further north will stay dry with sunny spells. Highs widely at 16 to 20C, though cooler across northern Scotland.

Sunday Night
Overnight, pressure builds which will die off the showers further north and allow for dry weather here. Clear spells for a time before cloud looks to thicken across north and west Scotland. A risk of showers continues through the evening further south but these too should soon push away. Lows at a cooler 5 to 9C and cooler still perhaps in some exposed places.

A ridge of high pressure brings a dry day over England, Wales and much of Ireland with sunny spells. Meanwhile, a weak front will bring more cloud as well as some patchy rain across parts of north and west Scotland perhaps into Northern Ireland. and northwest Ireland. Largely dry elsewhere in the north. Highs at 17 to 22C, though cooler across north and west Scotland.

Outbreaks of rain push southeastwards across Scotland and Northern Ireland first thing on Tuesday, before fizzling out through the morning. Some patchy rain will affect western parts of Ireland for a time too. A few showers pushing up from France could reach southern English counties, these could be heavy and thundery. Elsewhere largely dry with sunny spells though a few developing showers cannot be ruled out. Highs at 17 to 24C.

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