UK Forecast - October 25, 2023
Mixed to unsettled
Rain and showers

Low pressure is again in control of conditions through Thursday. A south to south-westerly wind flow will pull in showery rain from the southwest tracking north-eastwards. Some heavy bursts are likely, particularly through SE England. Many locations staying dry though too with developing sunny spells. Rain progressively becoming more persistent across eastern regions of Scotland once again, while heavy bursts of rain will become more prevalent across many western areas of England and Wales. Highs at 10C in northern Scotland, 15C in southern England.

Thursday Night
Many areas further inland will remain dry overnight, while coastal areas will see a higher risk of showers and or rain. Possible persistent spells of rain to affect eastern regions of Scotland. Lows at 6 to 10C.


Low pressure close by Ireland again on Friday. This gives a day of further showers, heavy and frequent in the west and south and making their way inland too, though many areas will stay dry with developing sunny spells. Further heavy rain in central and eastern Scotland being driven in on a persistent easterly wind flow. Brighter for more central areas of the UK and east England. Highs at 10 to 15C.

Low pressure continues to sit just to the west of Ireland on Saturday. What will be a largely dry morning will soon see showers pushing in across particularly southern and western areas. Further showers or rain pulling in on an easterly wind flow across Scotland. Tops at 10C in northern Scotland, 15C in southern England.

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