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UK Forecast - January 09, 2021
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A ridge of high pressure persists for many on Sunday, bringing dry and bright weather to much of England, Wales and Ireland. A front drifts over Scotland bringing outbreaks of rain at times over northern parts of the country and to the Northern Isles. This locally heavy to the northwest and for Orkney while it may turn to sleet and snow for Shetland. Cloud thickens over the UK and Ireland through the day confining the best of the afternoon sun to southeast England. Staying cold with high temperatures ranging from 3 to 6C for most, 7 or 8C in western Ireland.

Sunday Night
Cloud thickens across the country overnight with outbreaks of rain continuing for northern Scotland and the Northern Isles as well as spreading into Northern Ireland, western Ireland, western Scotland and the northwest of England. Rain turns to sleet and snow in the far north. Winds pick up across the country and overnight lows fall to 0 to 6C. Coldest to the southeast where a patchy frost is possible in more sheltered spots.

A mostly cloudy day for the UK and Ireland as low pressure sends fronts southward over the region. Outbreaks of rain spread across Ireland, England and Wales throughout the day. Rain reaches most areas by the evening and may be locally heavy, especially to the west. Rain clears Scotland to leave a bright afternoon here though wintry showers develop over northeastern areas. A breezy day too for most with coastal gales possible. High temperatures at 3 to 9C.

A dry and fine start for Scotland and the north of England with a risk of a frost and patchy mist and fog here. Cloudier elsewhere while early rain clears the far south of England, Ireland and Wales first thing. Cloud thickens over western areas with a risk of patchy rain into the far west of Ireland at times. The best of the sun to the east though coastal areas are at risk of a wintry shower or two. Highs at 2 to 6 for most, up to 10C in southwestern parts of the UK and Ireland.

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