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UK Forecast - March 10, 2018
Mild, areas of rain
Dry and bright in north Sunday

Bursts of rain will spread across southern England and Wales, locally giving frequent or persistent rain, especially toward the south-west. Isolated thunder is possible. A risk of a zone of rain also affecting East Anglia. Showery bursts may reach the north Midlands through the afternoon. Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland should stay dry through the day with a good amount of sun. Light winds for many, but blustery easterlies in the south. Fairly mild, highs 10 to 14C.

Sunday night
Areas of rain, locally heavy, will pivot northwards across Britain and Ireland overnight. In some places, rain may be prolonged for several hours, whilst other areas may see very little. Central and northern Scotland should stay dry. Much of Ireland also escapes dry, but some heavy rain may run up the Irish Sea affecting coastal districts. Lows 3 to 6C, but locally down to freezing in the Highlands.

An area of low pressure moves eastwards across southern Britain. Areas of rain or showers encircle the low across much of England & Wales, locally giving rain for several hours. Some dry and bright intervals. Much of Scotland and Northern Ireland may escape dry most of the day with light winds. A risk of being locally blustery in the south & south-west of Britain. Highs 8 to 12C, coolest where rain lingers.

Slack pressure across Britian brings a quiet day with light winds. Most places will be dry and bright. Some early fog patches may leave murky skies for a while, but sunshine should come through for many. Chance of local showers in the far south-east. Later, fronts moving in from the Atlantic bring thickening cloud and drizzly rain to the south-west of Britain & Ireland. Highs 8 to 13C.