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UK Forecast - December 23, 2017
Mild and wet initially
Turning colder from the north and west

Christmas Eve
A mild day across many areas on Christmas Eve, if not very mild across England and Wales but it will be mainly dry with perhaps some brighter intervals in places. Wet and increasingly windy across parts of Scotland and Ireland with outbreaks of rain and this eventually moving down into parts of N England by the end of the day. Winds SW'ly fresh or strong, highs 7C to 13C.

Christmas Eve night
Remaining wet and windy across more northern areas into the overnight period, while much of England and Wales maintain a lot of dry weather but it will be mostly cloudy. Another mild or very mild night for most, but turning colder across the far north. Lows 4C to 9C.

Christmas Day
Wet and windy weather across more northern and western areas will slowly move south and east through the day, but with a lot of dry weather across more central and southern areas of England for much of the day. Accompanying the wet weather will be a drop in temperatures, initially across SCotland and Ireland, but then into England and Wales by evening as colder weather develops from the north-west, prior to that though, especially across England and Wales it will be another mild day with quite a range in temperatures across the British Isles. Highs 4C to 11C.

Christmas Day night
Wet and windy weather across more southern and south-eastern areas of England will clear away and this then leaves behind some wintry showers in the north, but otherwise quite a lot of dry weather with clear spells and it will be a colder night than of late, especially in the north, with some frost and ice possible. Lows -1C to 5C


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