UK Forecast - October 23, 2023
Messy rain
Better this afternoon

Rain in northern England this morning, heaviest and most persistent in northeast England. The rain slipping into the north of Norfolk and the northeast Midlands too. Brighter and drier further south although some heavy showers clipping southern Wales and southwest England. Brighter in Ireland, some sunny spells here. Cloudy for much of Scotland, a few spots of rain in the east but brighter in the west. Becoming brighter this afternoon for many although still some showers in the west. Drier too in northern England and a few bright spells developing. Increasing cloud in eastern Scotland bringing some rain by dark. Temperatures at 10 to 14C.

Tuesday Night
Two areas of rain affecting the country tonight, The first will be passing eastwards through southern counties of England and may be heavy at times. The second area affects eastern Scotland and the far northeast of England, most over eastern facing slopes. Other areas are dry with clear spells. Lows at 6 to 12C.

Low pressure dominates the weather again through Wednesday. Rain into southern and western Ireland will be edging east to be through Wales and southwest England in the late afternoon and evening. Further outbreaks of rain in eastern Scotland and the far northwest of England. Drier for other areas with plenty of cloud and only a few bright spells. Highs at 9C in northern Scotland, 13C in southern England.

Low pressure is again in control of conditions through Thursday. Showers for many, some of them heavy and frequent, especially in the west and south. Fewer inland. Rain in Scotland with some of it heavy in the east which could add to flooding problems here. Drier in western Scotland. Highs at 10C in northern Scotland, 14C in southern England.

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