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UK Forecast - August 01, 2019
Local showers
Warmest in southeast, humid

Slack high pressure is expected to reside across the British Isles. Many places will be dry. Skies fairly cloudy but some with sunny spells around, typically best near coasts. A few showers popping up into the afternoon, these hit and miss, focused across western hills. Light winds and coastal breezes. Temperatures reaching 22 to 24C in central-western areas, locally a touch higher in favoured spots. Nearer 17C on eastern coasts with a breeze off the sea.

Friday night
Generally dry into the evening and night, with any residual showers fading out and skies tending to clear. Cloudier toward the west ahead of some fronts out over the Atlantic. Winds will be light, and some low-lying locations may see patchy mist develop overnight and up to dawn, this soon clearing. Temperatures dipping to 11 to 14C, or slightly higher in urban areas and it will be quite humid.

A slack pressure gradient across the British Isles with higher pressure to the east of the UK, although low pressure over the Atlantic may begin to make inroads. Thickening cloud and patchy rain moving into Ireland and western coastal areas of Britain through the day. Chance of local showery bursts, some of them thundery, through the late morning and into the afternoon. Many eastern counties should stay dry with sunny spells. Southerly winds freshening around western coasts. Highs 15 to 25C, warmest southeast.

Various fronts will be pushing across Britain and Ireland from the southwest, with a slack southerly airflow maintaining a humid and rather cloudy picture for most places. Patchy rain, focused around western areas in the morning, but an increasing risk of rain developing more widely through the day, with some heavy and thundery bursts tracking slowly into east and northeastern districts. South & southeast England may escape mainly dry where it will be very warm. Highs 22 to 27C.

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