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UK Forecast - December 02, 2017
Light rain clears the south
Generally a bit milder

A milder day to come overall but still chilly for Scotland and northern England with a brisk north west wind. Some morning sunshine to be found across southern Scotland and northern England otherwise a cloudy morning with some patchy bits of light rain and drizzle across Wales, The South Midlands, East Anglia and the south of England as well as Northern Ireland. In the afternoon light rain affects western Scotland, eastern parts of Northern Ireland and the west coasts of Wales. Dry for the rest of Britain with good sunny spells. Expect maximum temperatures of 5 to 8 Celsius across Scotland but a milder 8 to 11 Celsius across England and Wales.

Sunday Night
It will remain breezy windy into the evening and we keep a good deal of cloud across Scotland, Northern Ireland, western England and Scotland with some patchy rain. Not much change into the night. With skies expected to stay mostly clear across East Anglia and the south east here it will become rather cold. Expect minimum temperatures of 5 to 8 Celsius but a colder 2 to 4 Celsius across eastern England.

A bit less windy today and with more sunshine it will feel milder. Apart from a few showers across the Western Isles and the north coast of Northern Ireland, high pressure will keep it dry for much of Britain. It continues dry into the evening and the night cross the United Kingdom. Lots of cloud to come across Scotland and northern England. With clear skies across the rest of England and lighter winds, there is a risk of a local frost mainly in the countryside along with a few fog patches. Expect highs of 7 to 10 Celsius.

A very windy day to come across the northern half of Britain. A dry morning but a front brings outbreaks of rain into north west Scotland and the Northern Isles in the afternoon. Lots of sunshine is expected across central and eastern parts of England after a rather chilly start to the day. Windy through the course of the evening. Rain is expected across Scotland and Northern Ireland with showers across western Wales and Cornwall. Mostly clear and less cold tonight across central and eastern England. Expect highs of 7 to 9 Celsius.

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