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UK Forecast - June 15, 2020
Humid, scattered downpours
Most in the west

Low pressure to the south-west continues to influence the weather today. It will be dry and cloudy to begin with for most, feeling warm and muggy, temperatures rapidly rising in any sunshine. This afternoon, heavy scattered showers will begin to appear becoming widespread and thundery throughout the afternoon. Heaviest downpours to the west of Britain, and south-east of Ireland, most likely remaining dry in other regions. Eastern coasts of Scotland and northeast England will tend to be cloudier and cooler. Highs at 17 to 25C, cooler along coasts.

Tuesday Night
Heavy showers and thundery outbreaks will ease this evening, but may remain throughout the night along western regions of Scotland and northern England. A mild night with plenty of cloud. Turning misty for some by the morning. Lows around 12 to 15C.


A warm muggy day in-store again for Britain and Ireland today. After a mostly dry and warm morning, heavy scattered showers will develop into the afternoon again across Britain, with the focus along the west and south. The showers are likely to be scattered. It will remain quite dry throughout Ireland, isolated showers mostly confined to the south east. Highs of 17 to 25C throughout, cooler along north-western coasts.

A dry, warm start for many this morning, but an area of heavy persistent rain will be introduced to southern counties of England early on. It will remain cloudy and murky to the south throughout the day, the heavy rain easing into the afternoon. Elsewhere many areas can expect just some scattered showers and spells of warm sunshine. Staying warm and muggy for most as temperatures rise to between 17 and 23C.

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