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UK Forecast - June 24, 2020
Hot with sunshine.
Thundery downpours.

A largely dry and sunny day for many. Feeling very warm and even hot in the south. High pressure is the dominating feature today over the UK, however, low pressure is still posing a threat across the northwest in the form of a trailing yet weakened front. This will bring cloud and patchy rain to northwestern parts including across much of Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as western Scotland. Through the afternoon, as the heat builds and a new low pressure system becomes more organised, heavier spells of rain are expected in the west, including southwest of England and Wales, western Scotland and Ireland allowing for some possible thundery downpours. Highs of 31C in the south and southeast and 25C in the north.

Thursday Night
Heavy and thundery downpours are forecast to continue to affect western and northwestern parts of the UK and Ireland with some rain, lighter and patchier in nature forecast to affect Wales as well as southwest England, parts of Ireland, Northern Ireland as well as western Scotland overnight. A warm and humid night for most. In the south and southeast temperatures only falling to around 18C. Cooler elsewhere.

Another hot and humid day is expected today before the onset of heavy and thundery downpours forecast to affect many places as unstable air pushes northwards from the near continent. The rain is expected to become more organised on a frontal wave moving northeastwards through the day. It will increase in intensity and become more unstable as it moves over the hot air with the risk of thunderstorms expected through the afternoon and evening. Temperatures around 25-30C.

With low pressure over the UK at the on Saturday, and lasting the through much of the weekend, outbreaks of rain are expected, some heavy at times, particularly across northern and western areas. Further south and east there will be more showers, some of them heavy, although perhaps turning drier from the west. Feeling fresher in the southwesterly to westerly wind. By evening a new area of low pressure pushes in from the Atlantic, forecast to bring rain to southern and central Ireland, Wales as well as southwest England. Highs at around 18C, warmer in the southeast at 24C.

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