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UK Forecast - August 09, 2018
Heavy showers Friday
Better Saturday, but rain returns

A day of sunshine and showers. Some heavy downpours, with a risk of thunder. Showers mostly in western areas in the morning, but becoming widespread by the middle of the day onward, advancing eastwards. In some areas, showers will cluster together to give frequent rain for an hour or more. Some persistent rain around the English Channel. Skies clearing later, giving a bright evening for western areas. Blustery westerly winds. Highs 16 to 22C, feeling cool during rain.

Friday night
Most places becoming dry into the night as a brief ridge of high pressure builds from the west. Clearing skies will lead to a cool night for many. Staying breezy in the east, but winds dropping for central and western areas. Local mist patches forming in low-lying areas and valleys. Thickening cloud and drizzly rain may come into the far south-west later. Temperatures dipping to 10 to 12C in towns, but rural areas more like 7 to 10C. Highland Scotland may fall below 5C in some glens.

Starting dry for many areas, and much of central, east and northern Britain may remain dry much of the day. Sunshine giving way as cloud builds. Fronts spreading from the south-west bring rain or drizzle to south-west England and south Wales, also southern Ireland. This rain then becomes more extensive into the evening, heaviest for Wales, western England and south-west Scotland. Southerly winds will strengthen. Highs 16 to 19C north/west; 21 to 24C Midlands & south-east.

A complex frontal system trails north-eastwards across Britain as low pressure moves slowly east. Heavy and persistent rain, likely wettest in western areas. Broadly cloudy skies, perhaps a little sun toward the east away from rain. A slow improvement coming through from the west, with brightening skies but clusters of showers following the main zone of rain. Blustery winds. Highs 17 to 23C, cooler in rain, but locally up to 25C south-east.