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UK Forecast - August 08, 2019
Heavy rain north & west
Gales southern coasts

Fronts will sweep northwards, associated with the area of low pressure centred to the southwest. A spell of heavy rainfall advancing across Ireland and northern England into Scotland through the morning, leaving a brief clearance for central Britain, before a rash of heavy showers follow across England & Wales from the southwest. Blustery winds, later increasingly gusting gale force around exposed southwestern coasts. Brisk easterlies across Scotland. Highs at 16 to 24C.

Friday night
Areas of heavy rain will continue to rotate around low pressure which drifts slowly northeastward over northern Britain. Some prolonged heavy falls for some in Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland. Typically more showery for central and southern Britain, although showers may be frequent in the southwest. Windy for England & Wales, with gales around coasts in the south and west. Generally mild, lowest temperatures 10 to 13C north, 14 to 18C in the south.

Low pressure centred over the northern UK brings periods of heavy rain to north and western regions. Some slow-moving thundery bursts for Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England. Showers will rattle across Wales, the Midlands and southwest, while some eastern & southeastern parts of England will be often dry. Windy across southern counties, gales around coasts, with rough seas. Temperatures up to 22C in the southeast, nearer 16 to 20C for most, cooler where rain persists.

Low pressure stays in charge, with the main feature centred toward the northeast, but a secondary low likely to affect northern Britain. Areas of heavy showers or some longer spells of rain for northern Britain and Ireland. Brighter with sunny spells and passing showers in the south. Northern Scotland may become drier with sunny spells. Breezy in the south, but less windy than Saturday. Cool in the north, fairly warm in the south. High temperatures at 14 to 23C.

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