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UK Forecast - August 06, 2017
Heavy rain at times
Fairly cool

A slow-moving front lies across England & Wales, bringing extensive cloud and patchy rain or drizzle. Amounts mostly small, but a risk of local heavy bursts spreading from the south-west across southern counties, mainly afternoon. The far south-east should escape dry. Brightening skies for Wales & northern England, but local showers. Slow-moving downpours breaking out for Scotland & N.Ireland. Winds fairly light. Highs 15 to 21C, warmest east.

Monday night
Outbreaks of rain are likely in central & southern areas of England & Wales as fronts remain across the country. Detail uncertain - some places may see persistent heavy rain, whilst many areas will see very little. Toward the north, it should be generally drier. A few showers around windward coasts in the north-west. Some cloud breaks for Scotland, where dropping cool. Temperatures 10 to 14C, but locally 7C or lower north.

Shallow low pressure centred toward the east of Britain. Remnants of fronts pivoting across the country bring areas of rain or showers moving around slowly, with heavy bursts likely break out widely, and thundery downpours possible by afternoon. These will be quite hit and miss, and some places may escape mainly dry. Occasional sunshine. Gusty winds at times. Feeling cool where rain lingers. Highs 16 to 21C.

Low pressure over the North Sea produces a cool northerly pattern. Areas of showers, most widespread across east & south-east England. Some local heavy and persistent bursts of rain. Showers may be frequent too in northern Scotland. Brighter in the west, driest for Ireland, south-west Scotland & north-west England, with spells of sunshine. Feeling cool in the wind, but warm in the sunshine, highs 15 to 20C.

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