UK Forecast - October 12, 2023
Heavy rain across central England and Wales
Brighter and chiller in the north

A large contrast in temperatures across the British Isles, with mild conditions to the south and feeling much colder in the north and across Ireland. A band of rain passes over southern England in the early hours of the morning, but once this clears it will remain largely dry during the day. Heavy and persistent rain over central England and Wales continuing on from overnight and into the morning on Friday, leading to localised flooding. Continued pulses of heavy rain throughout the day. Much brighter conditions behind the rain across northern England, with sunshine in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and clearer skies in the afternoon. Highs of 11C in the north, and 20C in the south.

Friday night

Chilly and breezy for all, with heavier rain redeveloping over southern England. Some showers near the coasts in northern Wales, northern Scotland, and Northern Ireland, but dry elsewhere. A touch of frost across some glens in Scotland, and some snow on the Scottish mountain tops. Much colder, with lows of 7C in the north, and 9C in the south.


A bright and crisp morning for many across the British Isles, with a strong breeze. Some passing showers over northern Wales, northern England and Northern Ireland. Frequent showers and strong winds across Scotland. Heavier showers further north, which may contain hail, and some snow showers on mountain tops. Dry, with some sunny spells across the west of the UK, with some outbreaks of cloud across central and southern England as well as southern Ireland. Feeling cold for all, particularly in the wind. Highs of 9C in the north, and 13C in the south. Colder at night, causing widespread frost as temperatures dip below freezing in rural areas.


A bright and fine day on Sunday as an area of high pressure moves in, with some passing showers across Wales, northern Ireland and Scotland. Dry and sunny elsewhere, outbreaks of cloud across central and southern England, turning cloudier in the evening. Highs of 10C in the north, and 11C in the south.


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