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UK Forecast - February 22, 2019
Hazy sun, warm again
Some morning murk

High pressure to the east maintains a southerly pattern across the country. A weak front moves in from the west, bringing some low cloud and patchy rain for Ireland and later western Scotland. Banks of cloud and drizzle may also drift onto Irish Sea coasts and Cornwall. Early local fog, then dry with lots of sunshine for England and Wales, plus central-eastern Scotland. Breezy in the west and north. Lighter winds southeast. Very mild, 13 to 16C, locally warmer in shelter.

Saturday night
Generally dry with variable cloud. Remnants of a front moves eastwards across the country. Spots of drizzle over northern hills, and a risk of extensive hill fog. A risk of extensive low-level fog also forming across central counties. A light southerly breeze, strongest for Ireland and western Scotland. Temperatures dipping to 5C or slightly lower in rural areas, whilst the Scottish Highlands may locally drop close to freezing, with slight frost by dawn.

High pressure stays to the east, maintaining settled weather. Remnants of a front may bring cloudy skies across northern areas at first, but this should break up through the day. A further front grazes the west of Ireland, with thicker cloud and risk of patchy rain here. A good deal of sunshine for most places. Early fog patches will clear. Light winds. Slight frost for some rural spots in the morning. Temperatures topping out at 12 to 16C, warmest to the lee (north) of high ground.

High pressure remains in charge, centred to the east. Early fog may be a hazard in the morning, and slight frost possible in rural areas. Warm sunshine breaking through for many. Cloudier out to the west of Ireland and Scotland where a southerly breeze freshens. A little rain may graze northwest Scotland as fronts pass nearby. A fresh easterly breeze also for English Channel coasts. Light winds for most places inland. Highs 11 to 15C, locally warmer in the east/northeast.

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