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UK Forecast - September 03, 2018
Generally fair midweek
Murky for some Tuesday

Starting drizzly and dull for much of central and northern England, also east Wales. Hill fog lifts slowly, but staying mostly cloudy in a zone from south-west to north-east. Some hazy sun in the south-east of England where still warm and humid. Patchy rain some eastern coasts. Sunshine and broken cloud for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Wind mostly light, but a fresh north-easterly on eastern coasts. Highs 20 to 23C in the Home Counties, 16 to 19C elsewhere, just 14C north-east.

Tuesday night
A little patchy rain or drizzle may linger around eastern coasts where skies stay cloudy. Otherwise dry with lengthy clear spells. Some drizzly rain in the far west of Scotland as a warm front edges in from the Atlantic. Local fog patches forming in low-lying areas. A chilly night for northern Britain and Wales, with ground frost in rural areas, perhaps an air frost in sheltered spots. Typical lows 5 to 8C in towns across the north & west, nearer 10 to 13C in southern England.

A quiet day for much of the country beneath fairly high pressure. The remnants of previous fronts bring cloud and a risk of patchy rain around coasts in east & south-east England. Meanwhile, fronts coming in from the Atlantic bring thickening cloud and rain developing for western Scotland and Northern Ireland. Much of central & northern England, Wales, plus the south & east of Scotland will be dry and bright with sunny spells. Fairly light winds. Highs 16 to 21C.

A cool day for northern Britain and Ireland, with a freshening northerly wind, and areas of showers. Some locally frequent and heavy bursts of rain developing, mixed with occasional sunny periods. Toward the Midlands and southern Britain, a greater chance of escaping often dry with broken cloud and some sun. A few showers may extend across central counties through the day and the breeze will pick up. Highs 17 to 20C south-east, just 13 to 16C north and west.

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