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UK Forecast - June 14, 2020
Feeling humid
Thundery downpours

Slack low pressure stays in charge into Monday. Starting largely dry with patches of fog and drizzle locally. A little sun breaking through. A humid and unstable atmosphere will break out into areas of heavy rain and thunderstorms as the day progresses. These will be very hit and miss, but some places may see sustained downpours, whilst nearby areas stay largely dry. Eastern parts of England, Ireland and Scotland perhaps driest overall. Highs at 16 to 23C, coolest on eastern coasts.

Monday night
Thundery showers tend to fade overnight but may persist over central parts of England and into Wales through the wee hours. A mostly dry night overall with mist and fog patches forming again, mainly over eastern coasts and hills. Stay mild and rather humid overall with lows ranging from 9 to 14C.

Further localised thundery downpours developing during the day as slack low pressure stays across Britain and Ireland. Little wind, so bursts of rain may set in for longer periods where they form. Greatest risk across western and southern districts, whilst northern and eastern areas may stay mostly dry. Feeling humid, with a generally cloudy or hazy atmosphere. Highs at 16 to 25C, coolest on eastern coasts and for Ireland.

Hit and miss downpours will develop again, these remaining focussed over western areas with the heaviest bursts expected to the southwest of the UK. Staying warm and humid with little wind. Some places staying dry much of the day. Showers most widespread by afternoon for inland areas. Starting murky with some areas of fog around eastern coasts and hills, these locally persistent for much of the day. High temperatures at 17 to 24C.

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