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UK Forecast - October 06, 2017
Dull and damp
Patchy rain or drizzle

A slow-moving front drifts across southern Britain. Widely cloudy skies and outbreaks of rain or drizzle, heaviest in the south-west of England & Wales, at times heavy. Areas of showery rain for northern areas, locally persistent in north-west England & western Scotland. A few showers passing eastwards across Britain in the afternoon. Brightest in the north-east. Breezy for all, windy around coasts in the south. Highs 13 to 17C.

Saturday night
Residual rain or drizzle will tend to fade into the night, although some persistent falls are possible in the south-west. Largely cloudy skies, misty in the west. Some breaks forming to the east of high ground. West to northwesterly winds will tend to ease, but may remain brisk in the south-east. A mild night overall, lowest temperatures 9 to 12C for most, locally cooler where skies clear in the north.

Pressure builds a little, but a general westerly airflow prevails across Britain and Ireland. Lighter winds than Saturday, although breezy in eastern counties at first.. The remnants of fronts bring fairly cloudy skies, with a risk of drizzly rain on western hills, but many places should stay dry. Brighter toward the east, with some sunshine breaking through. A little warmer at 14 to 18C, best the in south-east.

Fronts moving in from the Atlantic bring wind and rain to the north-west of the British Isles, turning heavy and persistent for western Scotland, and increasingly wet too across Northern Ireland. Patchy rain and drizzle spreading eastwards across England & Wales, but amounts small. Fairly cloudy. Some brighter spells toward the east. Quite mild, highs 13 to 18C, warmest in the east.