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UK Forecast - March 22, 2020
Dry with sunshine
Frosty nights

High pressure located east of Britain maintains generally dry conditions across the country. A southeasterly breeze affects the south, whilst a strengthening southwesterly affects the north & northwest. Fronts passing to the north & west of Scotland bring thicker cloud and patchy rain to the far northwest. Otherwise, after a chilly start, it's a dry and bright day with sunny spells. Highs 8 to 13C.

Monday night
Staying dry for most of the British Isles. Generally clear skies will allow temperatures to drop widely close to freezing, or below in rural areas. Widespread frost where sheltered from the breeze. A stronger southerly breeze and more cloud toward the north and northwest of Britain & Ireland. A front to the northwest brings some rain to western Scotland. Lows between +2 and -2C, locally lower.

High pressure stays in charge, but fronts to the northwest affect northwest Scotland, with cloud and localised rain here, most persistent for the Western & Northern Isles. Dry overall for most places, with sunshine widely, although hazy dur to high cloud for Scotland & Ireland. Brisk southerly winds in the north, lighter winds in the south. Highs 10 to 14C, warmest to the lee of high ground.

High pressure stays in overall control, whilst a front lies to the northwest. Cloud and rain or drizzle for western Scotland, may be heavier for a time in the northwest Highlands. Patchy rain too for the west of Ireland. Otherwise dry across eastern Scotland, England & Wales with variable cloud and sunshine. A frosty start, but a mild spring day with light winds. Highs 11 to 15C, warmest northeast.

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