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UK Forecast - July 01, 2018
Dry weather continues
Generally warm

Another dry and warm day for many, with high pressure focused across northern Britain. Plenty of sunshine, and variable amounts of high level cloud. Isolated thundery showers may clip Cornwall, and a greater risk of thunderstorms for the Channel Islands. A weak front may keep north-eastern areas rather cloudy and cool. An east to north-easterly breeze, strongest around southern coasts. Highs 22 to 26C, warmest in the south and west. 15 to 18C north-east.

Monday night
Staying dry into the night for most places. A small risk of a shower toward the far south-west. A continued easterly breeze in the south. Light winds in the north. Some low cloud for north-eastern coasts. Possible mist patches low-lying valleys, but these clearing soon after dawn. Temperatures fresh overall, lows 10 to 14C, perhaps nearer 16C in London. Rural areas may dip to 8C or below in the north and west.

High pressure stays positioned over northern Britain, maintaining dry, warm and sunny weather for most places. Variable high cloud for southern regions. Some early low cloud for the north-east, soon retreating back to the coast. A few thundery showers are possible toward the far south-west. A general easterly breeze in the south. Light winds in the north. Highs 23 to 26C for many, warmest south and west. Nearer 17C or below on north-eastern coasts.

Slack high pressure exists across the British Isles. Many places will be dry with plenty of sunshine. Some high level cloud. A possibility of local thunderstorms breaking out as humidity increases - these likely focused toward south & south-west England and Wales, also across the central Scottish Highlands and for Ireland too. Light winds and coastal sea breezes, plus some mist patches. Highs 24 to 28C inland, fresher on the coast.

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