UK Forecast - May 18, 2024
Dry, warm, sunny
Some cloud in east

Good spells of sunshine through many areas of England and Wales once morning mist and fog patches have cleared. Always cloudy here in Northern Ireland and across northern parts of Scotland. Dry for most but a threat to the shower over the hills of Cornwall. This afternoon stays fine across most of England and Wales. There is a threat of a shower building in south-western parts of Scotland and perhaps over the Lake District, and if these occurred they will be isolated but heavy. Some cloud two in eastern Scotland but fine for the north and west of Scotland and much of Ireland. Tops at 15C on cloudier eastern coasts, more generally 19 to 21C.

Sunday Night
Any showers in Southwest Scotland will be fading away quite quickly this evening. All areas, then dry. There will always be some cloud affecting eastern coast, but some clear skies for the west. A few mist or patches by morning. Lows of 7 to 9C.


Monday morning, starts fair with some good spells of sunshine across many parts of Wales, Southern and south-western England. They will tend to be more cloud across northern England and Scotland, and it's also here where they could be scattered showers developing in the afternoon, especially over western hills and coast. Most other areas are fine into the afternoon with good spells of sunshine, again, the best of them in the west. Highs at 21C in western and southern areas, a cooler 15C on eastern coasts.

A light airflow covers the country on Tuesday. Cloud is going to be increasing across eastern areas during the day with an area of rain affecting coasts of north-east England through the mid to late morning and then this reaching Eastern Scotland in the afternoon a few showers for Southwest Scotland and Northern Ireland. Other areas tend to be dry with some sunny spells. Highs at 18 to 21C.